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A parents worse nightmare…when their child is getting bullied! And being able to “stay calm and carry on” when you find out your child is being bullied is nearly impossible.  As a parent myself, we must protect our children.  Here are 5 Steps to Stop Bullying

1. Keep your Kids Safe– Understanding the bullying events and removing your child from any situation where they may be unsafe is important. I know you want to “get back” at the person for bullying but safety is #1

2. Speak UP!  Tell the other parent, teacher, school administrators and principal to ensure this is changed. And keep pushing until SOMETHING happens!

3. Empower your Kids– Teach your children how to stand up for themselves.  Kids need to become courageous, strong inside and able to stand up to perceived threats.

4. Foster Open Communication– Create a relationship with your kids so that they’ll speak to you even when they are feeling icky or embarrassed about things like being bullied.  How else will you know if its happening???

5. Build Inner Confidence–  it is so important to cultivate in kids the belief that they can overcome obstacles, and persevere no matter what is happening in the outside world.

Lets protect our children against bullying and its as important for them to not bully others either! 

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