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Ok so you met our possible Mr. Right, and all you want to do is take it to the next level. But before you leap into bed. You could be making some bad decisions that might hurt your heart and your health. From emotional baggage to STDs, here are 10 very good reasons not to knock boots with him.

1. You’re not as detached as you think- unemotional sex is more difficult than it seems!

2. He may be cheating on someone… with you! Do you really want to be the “other” woman? 

3. He’s a taker-A guy can suck up your time, attention or sexual generosity.

4. He’s clingy.Some women like this quality. But too often clingy turns into possessive, demanding and selfish.

5. He just got out of a relationship-Timing is everything. A rebound relationship might work out, but a recent breakup is usually a big, glaring red flag.

6. He’s bad in bed- If you haven’t jumped in bed with him yet look to see if he is a bad kisser! might be a clue!

7. He may have an STD-There are more than 25 known STDs – some curable (chlamydia, gonorrhea), some not (HPV, herpes, HIV/AIDS). so BE CAREFUL use PROTECTION! and ask QUESTIONS!

8. You’re drunk.Being intoxicated usually results in regrettable behavior and poor decisions.

9. You’re not over your ex- Breakups are painful, and too often we try to forget that hurt by getting naked with a new guy.

10. You’re not even attracted to him-Maybe you’re lonely, bored or looking for confirmation that you’re desirable. In that case, you’re using him. Don’t do it!

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