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Flu season has arrived early this year, and it could be a bad one, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. To chase those colds and flu away, it’s time to start building up your body’s natural defenses. Here’s how…

1. Eat your antioxidants-“A diet high in fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds provides optimal immunity.These foods deliver the full range of antioxidant nutrients necessary for your immune system to work at its best against colds and flu – notably, vitamins A, B6, C, and E and the minerals copper, iron, selenium, and zinc.

2. Take a multivitamin-A vitamin-mineral supplement may be necessary to enhance immune function.

3. Take immune-boosting herbs-Astragalus, Echinacea, Elderberry, Ginseng, Eleutherococccus, Garlic.

4. Get enough sleep-There’s no “normal” amount of sleep, but the healthy minimum is seven hours a night

5. Move that body-people who engage in regular, moderate exercise have increased immunity to viruses and other illnesses.

6. Reduce your stress-Effective ways to reduce stress: Meditation, Humor, Sociability.

But by incorporating one or more of these approaches into your life, chances are you’ll feel better and stay healthier! for more log on to Lifescript.com


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