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According to Black America.com …The Usher Raymond v. Tameka Foster case is not quite finished!  Questions arose about the relationship between Usher’s lawyer and the deciding judge a while back, along with a few other holes in the case.

We all wish Celebrity couples can get along and stay married but among Usher and Tameka here are the Top 7 Nasty Celebrity Divorces !!!

Usher and Tameka Foster– Usher and Tameka Foster Raymond divorced in 2009, under not-so-pleasant circumstances, but the real drama heated up a few weeks ago when Tameka accused Usher of being a drug user and demanded full custody of their two sons.

Kevin and Torrie Hart– Kevin Hart may be all about the jokes, but it was no laughing matter for the comedian in an L.A. courtroom when his ex-wife reportedly tried to attack his lawyer.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony-After seven years of marriage, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony announced on July 15, 2011, that they were legally separating. Though things seemed to be sad but peaceful between the two, their separation soon turned nasty with reports of fights over the former pair’s new, younger rebounds.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries– Kim has accused Humphries of neglecting their marriage and acting maliciously toward her and her family, while Kris has called their marriage and the Kardashians’ slew of TV shows a hoax. Kris has also petitioned for annulment of the marriage.

Madonna and Guy Ritchie– after weeks of trying to cover up their divorce, Madonna and Guy Ritchie announced that they were parting ways — but not without some serious mud-slinging along the way.

NeNe and Gregg Leakes– for the last two seasons, viewers have been watching the couple’s romance turn sour on camera, with NeNe calling Gregg a “monster.”

Chad Johnson Refuses To Sign Evelyn Lozada's Divorce Papers

Chad and Evelyn Johnson- Need I say more…Headbutt”

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