The first part of the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Reunion mostly lived up to the secrecy surrounding the much hyped special, which brought the cast of VH1’s runaway hit together on stage in front of a studio audience. Most of the rumors flying around prior to last night proved to be true in some capacity, while others were close to the mark, but not on the money. However, the ratchet factor was hella high tonight with animosity being very special guest who got plenty of screen time among the women.

With that said, some people felt that the reunion was just as stale as the insults the women fired at each other (I’m looking at you, Rasheeda and K. Michelle). Yet the episode still brought enough goods to compile a Top 5 list of the most interesting moments of the night.

1.Mona Scott-Young aka “The Ringleader”

2.Stevie J/Josline vs. Scrappy/Erica Debacle

3.Funky Dineva

4.VH1’s “No Violence” Policy

5.JoselineRead more go to:

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