Rickey Smiley bought a new pair of shoes from Zara that he thought were pretty fly.

People are DONE with the misrepresentation of full-figured women.

Zara is getting heat for turning away a woman wearing a hijab from one the brand’s stores in France. Customers are calling for a boycott of the brand after a video went viral depicting a guard at a Zara store in the Parisian suburb of Plaisir who asked a Muslim customer to remove her hijab. […]

Zara's Black customers are targeted as potential thieves seven times more frequently than white shoppers.

This morning, a 13-year-old British girl named Zara Hartshorn, went on American television to tell her story. This remarkable girl is still a teenager, but has the face of a middle-aged woman. Zara suffers from a rare condition called lipodystrophy that causes her skin to grow while the fatty tissue underneath begins to deteriorate. Via: […]