We lost an music legend and Icon too soon and so soon before he had a chance to release more music. It’s now being reported to having a secret vault filled with unreleased songs.

City Leader spoke today about The UC’s police officer’s body cam recording during a traffic stop that ended with a fatal shooting. City Manager Harry Black said  he hasn’t seen the video from Tensing’s camera, he’s been told what’s on it and “it was not a good situation.” “Someone has died that didn’t necessarily have to die, and […]

This once exclusive then re-leaked song isn’t currently slated to appear in the track listing on Usher’s “Versus” project, but maybe it will pop up on a soundtrack, a mixtape or a for commercial use only compilation – who knows these days. Anyway, check it out and let us know what you think if you […]

It’s bittersweet thinking that someone is dead set on making money off the of Michael Jackson’s unreleased catalog of music throughout the years, but let’s be totally honest with ourselves. The man was a musical genius so it does make sense that whatever music is hidden out there is waiting for the rest of the […]