Black Tony called Rickey Smiley after his guys came up on a cement truck that is still full of cement that has been mixed and everything! He tells Rickey about what they plan to do with it. Click on the audio player to hear this funny exclusive clip from “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show. Sign Up […]

[youtube=]   2 Chainz asked a question in his rap song ” When They Gone Make That Bentley Truck” well the time has come. Bentley hits us with another surprise. Bentley has been in talks about releasing a SUV for years, and they’ve received some mixed reviews on the concept. Now Bentley has gone out on […]

Chris Henry’s Fiancee Says Late Bengals WR Jumped Off The Truck Via The fiancee of the late Cincinnati Bengals Wide Receiver Chris Henry said today that the football player jumped out of the back of her truck when he suffered fatal injuries last month.  In her first interview since the incident, Loleini Tonga told […]