Commuting in New York is so stressful that it makes people want to forget the train altogether and find alternative means of traveling. One woman was apparently not in the mood to wait around so she hopped onto the tracks at a Brooklyn subway station and began walking toward Manhattan until police apprehended her moments […]

The man got aggressive with the woman after she complained about him stealing her seat.

Another day, another hate crime. A woman has been taken into custody after allegedly stabbing a transgender black man in his face on Sunday night after he offered her his seat on the subway. The woman reportedly made racial remarks like “I don’t want to sit next to black people” before the attack that left […]

  Longtime Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle has officially agreed to plead guilty to child molestation charges after admitting that he paid for sexual favors from 14 minors and also received child porn from the director of his charity.  Fogle also admitted that he knew these videos were being produced. Jared has agreed to pay each […]

One month after his house got raided in a child pornography investigation, Jared Fogle will plead guilty on child porn charges. FOX59 reports that he’s expected to enter the deal…

Brandy Norwood, who is still in New York City as part of her Broadway run in Chicago as Roxie Hart, decided to sing on the train. However,…

Jared Fogle has been the face of Subway for years helping people fight the battle of the bulge but Jared is in another fight now after the F.B.I. raided his home near Indy yesterday during a child porn investigation. Read the entire story HERE!!

Here are all the top news headlines every smart black chick would want on her radar today. Your welcome.

An old school trapper hat and an Eight Ball jacket, a style popular in the 90’s, was the fashion statement a man made that he…

    People Get More ratchet by the year i sware they do. Below is a clown that robs 4 different subway’s because the Jared diet didnt work for him. The sad thing about it he doesnt even look overweight. source  

Please someone get your cousin.  A North Carolina woman called 911 twice over her flatbread pizza order from Subway. Bevalente Michette Hall called 911 to make a report after the good people at a Gastonia Subway put marinara sauce, instead of pizza sauce, on her order. “It’s terrible, and I got my receipt,” the 37-year-old ranted […]

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