The Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad may have had a very short life before it was pulled, but it’s still on the minds of the San Francisco Police Department and they’re not happy about it. The department has taken issue with Pepsi over its depiction of them. The officers shown in the ad are wearing badges […]


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — While visiting Montford Middle School with teammates on Tuesday, Florida State University wide receiver Travis Rudolph spotted a boy sitting by himself at lunch, and asked if he could sit next to him according to the Orlando Sentinel. Later in the day, Bo Paske’s mom posted a photo to Facebook that is capturing […]

    OK NBA, it’s like this. Your number one star player … your money maker if you will, is laying down the gauntlet. And in case you need help, his name is LeBron James.It’s real simple. James, along with other players won’t play next season if Donald Sterling still is an NBA owner, according […]