Wow, Angela Simmons has just announced her engagement but could she now be preggo?!

Guess who just got engaged? Rev. Run’s daughter, Angela Simmons!  She took to her instagram to show off her new bling! But her man is still mystery.  Is the mystery man Yo Gotti?  Did it really go down in the DM?

He got a crush on Angela Simmons! Yo Gotti doesn’t bite his tongue on how much he is feeling Angela Simmons!  He stopped by the “The Real” show to let everyone know whats going down:

So did it really go down in the DMs with Yo Gotti and his crush Angela Simmons? Well she shares how she really feels about Yo Gotti making her his crush.

  Shad Moss, formerly known as Bow Wow, out here kissing and telling ……. and on TV no less! As you know, the rapper dated both Ciara and Angela Simmons many, many moons ago. The relationships didn’t last, but everyone has since moved on and all is well. But we wonder how things are now […]


The Simmons kid does it again! Diggy makes us look, over and over agian. This time with a freestyle to the classic Hip-Hop Mobb Deep record Shook Ones. I appreciate where Diggy is coming from with his persona and his artistic drive to make a name for himself. It can’t be easy being the son of […]

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