It seems that the cryptic messages that Toya and soon-to-be ex husband (reportedly), Memphitz, released last week about troubles in their marriage are true. According to sources, Memphitz packed up and moved to LA, leaving Toya back in Atlanta. The source told that Memphitz “no longer wanted to be part of a “celebrity marriage.” For him, […]

While many of us are still wondering what happened between Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey to cause them to separate, Nick’s father, James Cannon, has…

As expected, there are still a variety of very scathing rumors orbiting around the latest on the Arnold Schwarzenegger love child story and his subsequent split with his wife, Maria Shriver of the last 25 years. The Hollywood power couple shocked the world nearly two weeks ago with the news that they were calling it […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger is in a world of trouble this week, but he’s also trying to take a bit of the heat off of himself, too. That’s why he’s decided to cut back on all of us upcoming movie projects including the latest installment in his famed Terminator film series. In the midst of the biggest […]

We’re almost positive Maria Shriver is just as embarrassed as any woman and mother would be at the explosive news that her husband Arnold Schwarzenegger has lived a double life right in front of her eyes. Their recent separation has caused such a rough spot in the minds of many who are always rooting for […]

Someone please say it ain’t so. The latest celebrity couple to throw in the town these days comes in the form of a much respected Hollywood power couple both in the entertainment industry as well as the world of politics. Word on the street is Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver have officially separated according to […]