plus size

People are DONE with the misrepresentation of full-figured women.

Cake by the pound. Ashley Graham oozes sexy for the April 2016 issue of Maxim Magazine while discussing her hopes at reaching moguldom.

The networks' intensions are being questioned when it comes to the ad that mostly features nudity.

Plus-size perfection that you can buy!

Gabi Gregg launches a new bikini collection because the fashion industry will not.

Just because you jiggle more than most doesn't mean you should be jiggling in the gym. Here's all the fitness fashion every curvy chick needs.

“Vogue” expanded fashion’s one-size-fits-all mold to include curvier girls in a recent feature about the power of finding the right bra. You can’t really have…

Amani Terrell, a LA girl who weighs 260 pounds, just showed the world what self love really looks like! The 20-year-old beauty showed off her…

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