A petition circulated the web demanding that this year's headliner, Lady Gaga, be replaced with Migos.

Could the Migos be going to the Super Bowl? Nearly 50,000 fans of the Atlanta trio have signed their names in support on a petition to get Migos booked as halftime performers at Super Bowl 51. The Change.org petition makes the case “The Atlanta Falcons are in the Super Bowl and it’s gonna be in Houston. […]


The Confederate flag has long been known as a symbol of hatred and racism in the United States. Defenders of the historically prejudice mindset that…

Sign this petition for Ty – Enough signatures can Be A start to justice 💯 Click the Link in my bio #JUSTICEFORTY🙏🏼 pic.twitter.com/rPQFZVw93I — RicanPapi♛…


Will a petition with more than 10 thousands signatures change the government policy over in Florence? The petition will challenge Mayor Diane’s policy to what is seen as a policy that punishes pregnant employees. Being  a mother requires sacrifice, if a woman feels it necessary to take time off work to care for her newborn […]

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When Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy found out the high-end cough syrup Actavis was being taken off the market due to its abuse in the form…


Have you signed this petition? Petition Urging Civil Rights Prosecution Of George Zimmerman Needs More Signatures In addition to the widely-circulated NAACP petition of the same nature, there is also a Change.org petition currently seeking signatures to support the prosecution of acquitted child murderer George Zimmerman on Civil Rights charges by the Obama Administration. While the […]


After a gay and lesbian group started a petition for Sesame Street to have popular characters, Ernie and Bert, to come out as homosexuals, and publicly marry, Sesame Street has denied their request and announced that Ernie and Bert are not homosexual by making a statement on their Facebook page. Bert and Ernie are best […]