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Have you been a good girl or boy this year? What can Santa bring you for Christmas? I can’t remember the exact words I used to break my daughter’s heart and tell her the truth about Santa Claus. All I do recall, is that my heart needed some mending too. Click here to find out how […]

As a parent what do you say to your child when they express their ready to move on.  5-year-old Saige mom was up for the challenge when she expressed her frustration with living with her mom and sibling. Kids say the darn-est things don’t they, especially when they’re mad. What are your thoughts? Like the wiz […]


One mom from Alabama corrected her daughters for cutting up at a movie theater, publicly apologized for the inconvenience, and won the respect of parents…

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After hustling the kids off to soccer practice, shopping for dinner and putting in those extra work hours, many working moms are left with little time to invest in themselves. The extreme scheduling demands required of working moms can leave many moms feeling overwhelmed, over-extended and underappreciated. While this may be common, it does not […]


A Father’s Love A father is respected because He gives his children leadership… Appreciated because He gives his children care… Valued because He gives his children time… Loved because He gives his children the one thing They treasure most – himself.   SOURCE   Your Thoughts? Jade West “Always On a Musical Quest” On-Air Personality/Producer/Public […]


One father has put his foot down after catching his daughter trying to act way too grown-up for her age. So many kids are in…

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Its that time!!! My son started back last week! You ready?!?! According to Wedmd parenting… Check out these tips on helping your child prepare for Back to School! 1. Re-Establish School Routines-I know I know hard one lol Use the last few weeks of summer to get into a school-day rhythm. “Have your child practice […]

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Every time my God children comes to visit my mom and step dad always attempt to start conversations that suggest parenthood like, “You know I want to be a grandma one day”, “Ebony J when you gone have you a little one.”” Theirs always this awkward silence before I respond with a question, “Mom can […]

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Parents! Pay close attention! As a parent this is good information to follow.  The following 10 foods can help kids stay sharp all day long, and affect brain development well into the future. Try it out!  1. Eggs 2. Greek Yogurt 3. Greens 4. Purple Cauliflower 5. Fish 6. Clean meat 7. Nuts and Seeds 8. […]

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Every dad has done this. Your baby is minding their own business enjoying a refreshing beverage and for some inexplicable reason you move the straw,…

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The award for Coolest Dad of the Week has to go to Lance Underwood for his creative reworking of classic album covers. With the cooperation…