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Every time my God children comes to visit my mom and step dad always attempt to start conversations that suggest parenthood like, “You know I want to be a grandma one day”, “Ebony J when you gone have you a little one.”” Theirs always this awkward silence before I respond with a question, “Mom can I at least get married first?“

Being a parent is something I take very  serious. My mom was a great parent, she sacrificed everything she had to make sure she raised me and my sister in the right environment and around the right influences. For that we turned out great. Whether you’re a parent or not, below is a list I compiled of qualities I suggest you should have in order to take care of a child.


5 Qualities Every Parent Should Have:

  1. Time -You have to spend time with your children. They are growing every day at every minute. Every moment you’re away from your child you’re missing the sight of seeing them grow.
  2. Money- Children have needs. They will let you know what they need to. The older they get the clearer they get with their words. If they see something they like and want they will ask for it.
  3. Energy- Children are full of joy. They have lots of energy which mean you must have energy to entertain them. If you start off as a moving swing 10 swings later you can’t just stop swinging the child because your arms are tired. They don’t understand they don’t understand, “Mommy’s tired” or “Daddy don’t feel like it right”.
  4. Patience- If you don’t have patience, the child will get on your nervous. Children ask a lot of questions, they don’t like to sit still and they will repeat themselves over and over. If you don’t have patience the child will drive you crazy.
  5. Attention– Children need love and assurance. They need to know that you care. If you take your eyes off them or they feel you’re not paying them any attention. . .  They will act out and they will do everything you tell them not to do. They will do this just so they can enjoy your attention by disciplining them!

Too many children are having children without realizing the consequences of their actions. Being a parent is no joke,  it is NOT a trend you follow nor something you just do. It is a blessing and the responsibility is huge! You are responsible for someone else’s life. This mean you have to sacrifice everything you have or want to be to make sure that your child is and has access to everything they need to be the best child their destined to become.

For an example, Today I was tired  out from a long weekend. However, my sister and best friend needed me which meant I had to sacrifices getting  i needed so that our babies had what they needed.  By the time they came to pick up their children, I was half sleep. My God daughter’s wore me out! We spent all my money when I picked them up. I was running out of energy. I gave them so much time and attention that my patience was starting to run thin due to my lack of sleep. Kids don’t understand our circumstances they just want us to shatter them with love and support because they look to us as their heroes .

Did I miss a quality? What are you’re thoughts on parenthood?

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