Bremerton City Councilwoman Leslie Daugs was apprehended on Tuesday following an outburst at Sen. Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing.

Watch Rihanna sport a life-sized heart as she feeds pigeons in New York City early Monday morning.

Very few schools in America kick off their first day with an appearance by a Grammy-winning music mogul. However, Capital Preparatory Harlem Charter School isn’t just any school. It’s the one that Diddy built. Originally announced back in March, the new school is the product of five years of planning by Sean “Diddy” Combs as […]

Poor Chipotle just can't shy away from bad press.

  Laila Ali, daughter of the legendary Muhammad Ali, shared an Instagram photo of West 33rd Street, which was renamed “Muhammad Ali Way” on Tuesday. “New York City temporarily named a street after my father,” she said in the caption. “Such an honor for the G.O.A.T. I’m sending love and positive vibes to all of […]

UPDATE : Thursday, May 26 – 12:52 A.M. EST  Early reports claimed Troy Ave’s camp was responsible for the shooting, but a member of Troy Ave’s camp says the Brooklyn rapper was a victim, not a culprit. Karen Civil reports that Troy Ave’s management has confirmed a bullet grazed his leg. Specific details surrounding his condition are vague, […]

David Owens was leaving a late night shift at the Macy's flagship store when he was approached by two police officers in a train car for a crime he did not commit.

Coke Boy Yemen Cheese was in the car with Chinx, the rapper who was shot and killed in Queens on May 17. Yemen was shot in the…

// // Thomas Gilbert Jr., 30, of New York City, has just been arrested for criminal possession of a weapon and the murder of his…

It’s been 3 weeks and Kanye West is still in New York City alone without his wife, Kim Kardashian and child, North. I understand the conflicting schedules but who don’t spend time with their family on Thanksgiving? I smell a break up coming on what do you think? Read full story HERE. Like the wiz […]

Joe Budden reside in new Jersey but he is wanted in New York City. His ex-girlfriend claims that he beat her and stole her cell phone.I’m not sure why he’s wanted for allegedly taking the cell phone and not for abusing her but I’m no expert.  The search for Joe continues but for how long […]