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Looks like the closet you NBA fans can get to seeing Dirk go for back to back rings, Lebron and D-Wade go for their 1st ring, and Kobe come and let everyone know he is still the best player in the legaue will have to be played on NBA 2K12.Today the NBA players Assocation rejected […]


source Someone needs to send this footage to the NBA commisioner. The video inside shows a 7 year old child going into withdrawl due to the NBA lockout. Someone needs to send this poor child to rehab before he harms someone. Click video to see the biggest temper tantrum ever due to the NBA lockout.

The beautiful, soulful, newlyweds Monica along with husband Shannon Brown surprised us with a visit this morning. Monica has a lot to celebrate. Her one year wedding anniversary is coming up, new album “New Life” is set to drop this December and on Monday, October 24 she turns 31. Congratulations Monica! Take a listen to […]

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With this NBA season in jepordy, the NBA players have made a power move if you ask me.Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and Paul Pierce are among the players rumored to begin globe tour for the fans if more NBA games are canceled. According to ESPN the tour is scheduled to begin Oct. 30 […]


Wondering what the heck Mazjor is talking about??? See what had happen was…Early Tuesday afternoon, less than one day after NBA commissioner David Stern announced that the first two weeks of the NBA season would be canceled, ESPN NFL analyst John Clayton sent out a tweet stating that the NFL trade deadline is next Tuesday. […]

R&B singer Syleena Johnson has just released her fifth album, Chapter V: Underrated. While making music literally runs in her veins (her father is soul singer Syl Johnson) she is more passionate about one thing–basketball. “This lock-out is devastating me! But it’s good for my Celtics,” says the former basketball wife whose husband played in […]

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Boston Celtics guard Delonte West is determined to work during this NBA lockout. Last month he tweeted that he was applying for a job at Home Depot, but no one believed he was serious. Now he claims to have applied to work at a furniture store. As “proof” he posted his job application and a […]

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Kobe Bryant raises _______ in the church. He is currently under investigation for an incident involving another male while at mass in San Diego. According to reports Bryant was enjoying service when he noticed a man taking pictures of him with a cell phone. He then snatched the phone, checked the phone for the photograph’s […]