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Looks like the closet you NBA fans can get to seeing Dirk go for back to back rings, Lebron and D-Wade go for their 1st ring, and Kobe come and let everyone know he is still the best player in the legaue will have to be played on NBA 2K12.Today the NBA players Assocation rejected the owners’ latest offer and have launched the process to disband their union, throwing the entire 2011-2012 pro basketball season into jeopardy.

“The players feel they’re not prepared to accept any ultimatum,” said the executive director of the players union, Billy Hunter, calling the offer “extremely unfair” on the part of the NBA management.

Players had had the option to accept the offer, which proposed a shortened 72-game schedule beginning December 15 to end a months-long lockout, or take it to a vote and turn it down altogether.A key sticking point remains the division of some $4 billion in annual revenue.

Players received 57 percent of basketball-related income under their previous contract, but have said they would be willing to drop that to 52.5 percent. This is really getting to b outragious to me being a NBA fan all the money the players and owners mmake can you all please hurry up….


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