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World’s Cheapest Car Comes To The US


The Tata Nano that launced back in July of 2009 costs $2,500 in India, but safety changes will raise the price tag in the United States. 

Its not quite sure when exactly the Tata Nano will make its way to the US, but we can possibly expect this low costing whip within the next 3 years. 

Only thing is that, after all the saftey changes and fix ups, it will end up being more than $2,500 in the US.  The European Version comes up to about $8,000 so I can imagine how much it will end up being here in America!

Looks like the IS pricing will compare to a Honda Accent so I guess thats not that bad.  Either or, if this sounds like a whip you’ll like to dip in…there is a catch. 

The low price excludes shipping…go figure…LOL

But I am curious…Would you sport this car?  Keep it real =)


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