A man claiming to be Stevie Wonder’s nephew has been charged with attempting to extort Stevie. He threatened  to go to the tabloids saying he was the product of an incestuous relationship between Stevie and his sister unless Wonder paid him off. Sources say this guy, Alpha Lorenzo Walker initially demanded 5million from Stevie then […]

INDIANA — Republican Eric Turner recently  introduced a bill that would make abortions illegal after 20 weeks instead of 24 weeks. ALSO READ: 25 Black Women You Should Know About When Democrat Gail Riecken proposed an amendment to that bill exempting  women who are the victims of rape or incest,  Turner countered by saying that […]

A heartbreaking news story came across my desk this morning as I read how two men in Georgia have been charged with their alleged involvement in the sexual molestation of a 10-year-old girl. The young girl has been sexually abused by Danny Lee Arnold, 19, and his older brother, Thomas Marcus Arnold, 21. Both of […]