The senior pastor at Victorious Life Church in Virginia and his wife were arrested earlier this week in an alleged congregation fraud scheme.

Freedia stepped into a Louisiana courtroom to answer to charges of government housing theft.

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Going to jail can put a lot of strain on any relationship. Looks like Apollo and Phaedra might not make it. Well, isn’t that a surprise? :-/ Catch the full interview here: DISCRETION!

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Can the Real Housewives Of Atlanta cast catch a darn break? Man…we guess not! According to Eben Gregory Cynthia Bailey‘s name is now being drug through…

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DMX blames his homeboy for stealing his ride! How does this happen? Well supposedly the 1978 Buick Regal was to be sold and instead the friend kept it. On all accounts the transaction seems legit. DMX handed over the title of the car and the keys and never got anything in return. This so-called friend has since […]

  Los Angeles rapper Guerilla Black will be spending some time behind bars after pleading guilty to credit card fraud. The “Compton” rhymer was sentenced…

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Los Angeles rapper Guerilla Black is facing some serious jail time. The rapper known for his 2004 hit “Compton” entered a guilty plea when he answered the charges of theft and fraud. Guerilla Black was accused of aggravated identity theft, access device fraud, bank fraud, and federal conspiracy. He also was charged with unauthorized access to a […]


According to blackmediaSCOOP, checking your bank account balance regularly online has been a pretty good way to guard against fraud—until now. An Israeli security firm has identified a new virus that not only steals the info shady folks need to drain your bank account. The darn virus ensures you don’t see those transactions when you visit your bank’s […]


Credit Card Thieves Charge $28K On Tyler Perry’s Account Via: The Urban Daily Tyler Perry revealed on his blog that his credit card number was stolen and the thieves racked up nearly $30,000 in charges!


Dime Time News:  Suspect in sexual assaults turns himself in to police A 22-year-old man who posed as a magazine photographer and was being investigated for alleged sexual assaults turned himself in to police this afternoon. Keith Nichols, a security guard who has lived in Compton, Hawthorne and South Los Angeles, was booked at the […]