The mudslides devastated the gated community where Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres live. On her show, Ellen FaceTimed Oprah, who is slumming it on her 40-acre property. The mudslides knocked out public utilities such as gas and running water. But do not fret for Oprah, her mansion has 14 bathrooms. She can live there two weeks before every toilet […]

Actor, Comedian and TV Host took to her Twitter to post a humorous meme of a photoshopped photo of her riding the back of Olympic Gold Medalist Usain Bolt from Jamaica and social media went ham on her!  Calling her racisit.

Kanye West went on Ellen’s daytime TV show today and just like Kanye…… He went on a rant. Check it out below.

Kanye West stops by to chat with actress and comedian Ellen and lets her know what he does while people aren’t looking.  Can you guess what?

Your donations to Goodwill can go a long way. Assisting with employment and not to mention changing lives. There’s another reason the Goodwill industries franchise has made the headlines. One store in particular told their employees to be on the look out for the “Kanye Face!” Everyone has seen the Kanye Face! The almost stoned […]

Usher is friends with Ellen Degeneres! He revisited the set of her show and played the ever popular “Heads Up” game and he killed it! See how quickly things turned when he was challenged to Twerk for his friend and get her reaction. Video below. Get a good laugh!   Your Thoughts? Jade West “Always […]

When Khloe Kardashian first confirmed that she and estranged husband Lamar Odom were calling off their divorce in light of his near-death hospitalization last month,…

Who doesn’t want to be spoiled by Oprah? In one helluva kind gesture, “How to Get Away with Murder” actress, Viola Davis found herself on the receiving end of Oprah’s favorite things. She received a massive bouquet of flowers as well as something to sip on while she inhaled the aroma from the roses. She […]

Diddy is finally professing his love for model, Cassie. Looks like their relationship is on an all time high. He’s been heard on Ellen talking about his girlfriend, Cassie blah blah blah. With a 17yr difference between the two they want the world to know about their love thang. The music mogul has made her […]

Kanye West recently did a interview on Ellen and he has grew UP! Watch as he talks about shutting up more, being a better person, trying different ways of doing things to get different results and will him and Kim soon have more kids??? FOLLOW US ON TWITTER/INSTAGRAM @Wiznationcincy and FACEBOOK @101.1 Wiz Nation FOLLOW […]

Nicki Minaj, who recently released her latest album, The Pinkprint, says she’s happy right now, but this year was not an easy one for the rapper. “I’m…

If you haven’t found  a costume  for your little princess or prince, you can thank Ellen for these ideas. Good Luck, I hope this helped. Do you have any suggestions, if so leave them below. Like the wiz on Facebook: 101.1 the Wiz and Follow us on Twitter & Instagram:@WizNationCincy On Air Talent and Media […]