domestic abuse

Jagged Edge member, Kyle Norman has once again gotten himself in trouble.

Chris Brown is having to learn the hard way! For every crime there are consequences! You put hands on a woman and Australia may be through with you! Australia doesn’t play them games! Sure, its been six years since the domestic assault against then girlfriend, Rhianna. Yet, just like many others we can forgive but […]

So that defamation of character lawsuit that Memphitz filed against K. Michelle, Viacom and Mona Scott-Young‘s company Monami? The Atlanta-based producer just lost the case…

Actress Halle Berry was recently honored for her work at the Jenesse Center, Los Angeles’ oldest domestic violence center. While attending last night’s unite4:good unite4:humanity’s gala, the Academy-Award…

Domestic Violence charges against Panthers, Greg Hardy were dismissed due to the prosecutors inability to locate the victim. Hardy was convicted by a judge for assault in 2014! Their only witness was his ex girlfriend, Nicole Holder. She accused him of being upset after learning she was canoodling with rapper, Nelly. After which he became […]

The rumor mill is spinning out of control with these latest allegations against the former Spice Girl’s husband. Mel B may just be living the single life! Mel B’s husband Stephen Belefonte slammed Twitter fans after being accused of domestic violence. Pictures have been circulating of Me with a bruised face and arms on the […]

Many will never forget the footage seen on television of NFL player, Ray Rice dragging his unconscious spouse from the elevator after punching her. She’s since been on the Today show to share her side of the story. Ray was rarely seen during her portion of the interview. However, he did appear and speak out […]

Did you know that men are also victims of domestic abuse? While most attention is given to women who are abused by men, men are…

  Something needs to be done about this. In this video when a male abuses a female in public everybody  jumps in to protect the girl. When the situation is reversed and a female is abusing a male nobody does anything. Is this right? Is this the way the American society is? source

 No one has to remain a victim! Queen Latifah addressed Domestic Violence during her show and said this… “You don’t have to be silent, or suffer alone. You don’t have to stay. You have options!” See below. If you or someone you know is experiencing abuse please call for help 1-800-799-SAFE (7933).   Your Thoughts? […]