When Nicki Minaj dropped her rebuttal to Remy Ma, most of the internet was just plain disappointed.


50 Cent's oldest son, Marquise Jackson, had fans shook on Tuesday when the 19-year-old made a diss track about his dad.


Did Kanye West help on a diss track against his own artist, Pusha T?


I have known Benzino since the 90’s. Good people! He called to talk about last nights episode, and his new single ” Smashed the Homie” HILARIOUS!!!!!  Will we see more of Benzino and K. Michelle?  Check out this interview to find out.  Also, Benzino reveals that Stevie J not only gave MiMi a new BMW on […]

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LISTEN HERE Ray J Goes in On Kanye West & Kim Kardashian: “I Hit It First” [NEW MUSIC] It’s no secret that artist Ray J was seeking some form of attention with his recent track titled “I Hit It First”. The song has been taken as a diss towards fellow star Kanye West, who is presently […]

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I can honestly say, I don’t know how these stars do it. All sorts of crazy people clamoring for their attention or whatever, but when it gets close to home, the plot thickens. Well, it would seem that Trey Songz has a former bodyguard that has turned into a rapper. The rapper/bodyguard’s name is Mase […]

Grammy-winning rapper Lupe Fiasco has vented his angst over Soulja Boy Tell Em labeling him as an overly complex emcee via his new track entitled, “Super Lupe Rap.” Taking Soulja’s dis as a challenge, Lupe responded in the best way he knows how — recording a killer new track, “S.L.R. (Super Lupe Rap)”. Behold the […]