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I’ll admit it! Kristen K is a Black Friday shopper! I’m in line Thursday night looking for hot deals for my son, family and friends and I can’t forget myself! Recently I had discussion on which is better Black Friday shopping or Cyber Monday!

5 Pros: Reasons to Shop Cyber Monday Rather Than Black Friday Sales

1.It’s easier and faster.

2.If you were busy with family or travel on Thanksgiving Friday and missed the in-store sales, Cyber Monday gives you another opportunity to take advantage of reductions.

3.You can easily compare prices online.

4.You can shop in your pj’s, from work, or while waiting for the plumber.

5.You don’t need a babysitter.

TRUE but…

The five cons of Cyber Monday? You can’t “kick the tires” and see the merchandise, it might be hard to access a computer for shopping purposes, you’ll have to wait for shipping, and some people hate returning purchases by mail. Most importantly, your boss really might not love it if you spend Cyber Monday shopping at your desk!


5 Pros: Reasons to Shop Black Friday Rather than Cyber Monday

1.You can actually see what you are buying — measure it, try it on, see if you like the color.

2.The prices might be better.

3.Not everything that’s on sale on Black Friday will be available on Cyber Monday.

4.It’s an outing. You can bring a friend or spouse for fun and advice.

5.If you don’t go, you might miss some great bargains!


The five cons of Black Friday? Some of the merchandise is lower-end; prices may continue to drop as the holiday season approaches; it’s too easy to over spend in the midst of a buying frenzy, it’s crowded, and the real bargains may be limited in quantity and sold to earlybird shoppers.

So the choice is yours rather to shop on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. I personally will be shopping on Black Friday AND Cyber Monday for the things I didn’t get or find :) for more log on to: About.com/blackfridayvscybermonday

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