Councilmember Chris Seelbach along with DJ J.Dough will host an expungement clinic, in partnership with Ohio Justice and Policy Center, New Prospect Baptist Church, and the Black Lawyers Association of Cincinnati in Roselawn on Thursday, December 5th from 3:00-6:30PM. The event will provide people with old criminal records in Ohio who are interested in expunging […]

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10 out of 13 members of the D .C council and mayor Vincent have endorsed a plan to make small time marijuana possessions a civil matter rather than a criminal offense. It’s time to stop putting people in jail for being small time users. If the drug is decriminalized this means that recreational cannabis users […]


I’m kind of shocked and tickled to have read this morning’s headlines about the sold out Cincinnati Reds game this weekend. Most Reds fans know how to act and/or govern themselves accordingly during the festivities, but I guess for one fan, it all was just a bit too exciting. 26-year-old Talon Powers reportedly jumped from […]


Interesting headlines from the week showcase the picture of an ex-Chicago officer who’s gotten himself into a sticky situation after being found guilty of lying under oath about the abuse and torture of criminal suspects. A federal jury deliberated three days in a row before finding former Chicago police Lieutenant Jon Burge was found guilty […]