A McDonald’s employee in New York City was arrested Wednesday when he was caught serving a customer coke with his burger and fries. Police received a tip about an employee selling cocaine to customers, so they sent an undercover cop to the fast food restaurant to investigate. Authorities say 26-year-old Frank Guerrero sold the undercover […]

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Rihanna makes it pretty clear that she may like Coke, but she is no coke whore. Earlier today, video popped up online of what looked like Rihanna allegedly snorting coke. The video spread like wildfire on social media, grabbing Rihanna’s attention and causing her to defend herself. (We all know that she is has 0 […]

From what im seeing in the video she is doing something sneaky. Word on the streets is she got those drugs from Nelly. What do you think is she really snorting or she smoking a cigarette? source 

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Look closely, what do you see? Yep, that’s right, you see residue of cocaine on Stevie J’s nose in a selfie snapped by Joseline. The…

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Since music producer Stevie J became famous with his dating shenanigans on the hit reality series “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” plenty of people have…

Via CBS Los Angeles I guess all that money doesn’t make you any smarter because during the raid of Bieber’s LA bachelor paid drugs consisting of a “white powder” were found on his homie Lil Za, leading to his arrest. Originally thought to be coke, police later said that it could be Molly, a purified […]


Dime Time TV [VIDEO] Kat Stacks Drops Vid of Rendezvous With Soulja Boy I’m sure all you Kat Stack fans have been anticipating the next victim of her live video tapings. Well the wait is over! The well known vixen to many of your favorite rappers and stars has dropped a video of herself with […]