Cal Scruby is back with his new project “Long story Short” which fans are going nuts for after doing a super dope collaboration with Chris Brown “welcome To My Life” which kicked off the more transparent side of Cal Scruby. Cal Scruby has created a more descriptive piece of art through out this new project […]

Cal Scruby unlocks his “Rain” video which is a visual description of his vibe away from the  “House In The Hills” Cal Scruby has been more transparent with his vibe and continues to give fans more as the days go by. Scruby is definitely the artist to contnue checking for as he ignites the fire […]


  To be honest Cal Scruby is a very humble guy. I almost think he is to humble for his own good. Nothing is wrong with being humble and grounded though as long as you keep pushing and thats what he is doing. Billboard just premiered Cal’s new music video ” Aint Shit Changed ” […]

Cincinnati artist are making major moves in the industry. Congrats to Cal Scruby on your new video with Chris Brown called ‘Ain’t Ish Changed’ Scruby is a former point guard himself. “When it comes to music, I don’t want to play a character or put on a face,” he told Billboard. “I’m not serious all […]