Idris Elba has been teasing  “Luther” on Twitter  celebrating his first day back in action.  ‘Luther’ is now on its  fifth season of the British crime drama and with Idris Elba and series creator Neil Cross both returning, it makes the series that much more exciting for the up coming season. Elba’s Character John Luther […]

Has the popularity and widespread celebrity status really torn up some of the world’s greatest talents? It seems like every few months there’s yet another superstar who’s falling short of their potential due to drugs, alcohol and the lack of stability caused by such excessive use of the two. The latest isn’t an unfamiliar case […]

A woman from the United Kingdom died this week in Philadelphia after receiving butt implants illegally in her hotel room in the hope it would make her famous. The Sun reported that Claudia Aderotimi, 20, wanted a bigger behind after being rejected for a part in a Hip Hop music video because she didn’t have […]

Just before we end the work day, I thought I’d conjure up the spirit of something fresh, something new and something all you Hip Hop and R&B fans must get used to as we try our best to bring you the exclusive new look at some of today’s hottest new music. Enough rambling, let’s get […]