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A woman from the United Kingdom died this week in Philadelphia after receiving butt implants illegally in her hotel room in the hope it would make her famous.

The Sun reported that Claudia Aderotimi, 20, wanted a bigger behind after being rejected for a part in a Hip Hop music video because she didn’t have the right ‘look.’ Her friends said that she often wore padded pants after that, and her confidence was at an all time low.

She reportedly has a first implant procedure last year, but sadly, after this procedure she suffered horrific chest pains and died in her hotel on Tuesday morning.

Apparently instead of being injected with silicone, she was injected with less expensive industrial sealant, which traveled to her vascular system and stopped her heart.

Our hearts go out to her grieving family and friends. But it really makes you wonder how far people will be willing to go for fame.

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What do you think? Is this your definition of beauty? Are we putting too much emphasis on appearance and making it near impossible for people to grow up happy with who they are rather than what they look like?

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