Somewhere on the outskirts of New York a hip-hop moment twenty years in the making is about to commence. It’s the kind of frosty, January…

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Source: SOHH.COM Despite having a baby on the way with pregnant girlfriend Kim Kardashian, rap star Kanye West has been called out about his sexuality by Black Sheep’s Dres. Dres shot out a controversial comment directed at Yeezus on Twitter Wednesday (June 12). “Kanye… like Steve Jobs… is one of the most powerful gay men […]

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Harlem has a legacy for keeping things classy, but for the crowd at the Marian Anderson Theater on Friday, March 2nd Uptown had a more…

In 1991 Andres “Dres” Titus killed more people in a minute and thirty seconds than most gangster rappers do on an entire album. On the…

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Via:Ballerstatus.com By now, you’ve probably seen the newest Kia commercial which features hamsters dancing along to Black Sheep’s 1990s hit, “The Choice Is Yours.” Nice payday right? Maybe, but it wasn’t the group’s choice at all. In a recent interview with Vibe.com, group member Dres revealed that Black Sheep didn’t have any hand in getting the […]


Attention Emcees! Blackplanet.com Is Giving You One Minute To Shine! One Minute To Shine is an online competition that was so successful the first time around in March, that BlackPlanet is bringing it back! This competition is hosted by Black Sheeps very own “Dres”. He will be helping us judge and tally the votes to […]