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Source: SOHH.COM

Despite having a baby on the way with pregnant girlfriend Kim Kardashian, rap star Kanye West has been called out about his sexuality by Black Sheep’s Dres.

“Kanye… like Steve Jobs… is one of the most powerful gay men in the world…. God Bless Him,” Dres tweeted June 12th.

“oh… he’s not out yet…. my bad…. lmao”

“cmon y’all… i’m playin…. Steve Jobs wasn’t gay….” (Dres’ Twitter)

Earlier this year, fellow rap veteran Lord Jamar dropped a diss track called “Lift Up Your Skirt” aimed at clowning Kanye’s manhood.

“Somebody mad at my hash tag,” Jamar raps. “Instagram, Black man lookin’ half a f*g/With a blazer and vest, I’m just amazed at the mess/Pioneer of this q*eer sh*t is Kanye West/He introduced the skinny jeans to the rap scene/Then he wore a f*cking skirt on the video screen/Then he wore it again at a memorial/I can’t pretend that this sh*t ain’t deplorable/I bet this n*gga thinkin’ he lookin’ adorable/Your music’s good but your ego is horrible…” (“Lift Up Your Skirt”)

Jamar also hopped onto his Twitter page to explain the hard-hitting anthem.

“The same people callin me a HATER, are the same people I’m trying to help out of LOVE regardless if they realize or not.,” LJ tweeted February 4th.

“What’s so crazy is a majority of GAY MEN wouldn’t even wear skirts. Lol”

“FYI: This is NOT some sort of CRUSADE that I’m on, I’ve spoken my peace on the subject & don’t plan on dragging this out.”

“Now that I got y’all attention why don’t y’all go through my timeline & check my posts on meditation & nutrition?” (Lord Jamar’s Twitter)

Dipset’s Cam’ron publicly went at Mr. West after his appearance at last December’s televised 12-12-12 Hurricane Sandy relief concert.

Killa didn’t tred lightly last night during Kanye West’s 12.12.12 concert performance. The Diplomat took a moment to call out Kanye West and his fashion via Twitter. “Pyrex and a skirt? Sh*t ain’t adding up And if u co-sign this I’m blocking u!! Straight up. Ima have to save us.” This isn’t the first time Kanye West broke out the leather kilt or as most call it, a skirt. The G.O.O.D. Music general performed numerous times with this very look (minus the hoodie) during the very successful Watch The Throne tour. Is Ye’ too far left field with his fashion look or is Cam’ron hating a little bit. (The Source)

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