Fans of the iconic superhero have been giving Ben Affleck a hard time about his ability to pull off Batman in the upcoming 'Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice' movie.

The upcoming super hero sequel to the Superman series, Batman vs. Superman : Dawn of Justice may have a female role as Batman’s popular sidekick…

Many superhero stans and fans still haven’t warmed up to the thought of Ben Affleck portraying The Dark Knight in the upcoming Batman V Superman blockbuster. The famous Bat cowl was put on display at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 in a full, rotating display. Via The Wrap: The batsuit was part of a mini-exhibition celebrating […]

I thought  Batman could fight. Where was Robin and why didnt he come to his rescue? source  

  Looks like Warner Bros. is about to steal Marvel’s thunder at  San Diego Comic-Con this weekend.  TheL.A. Times is reporting that the follow up to “Man of Steel” will not be a traditional sequel but instead  a team up with Superman and The Dark Knight himself for a 2015 release.  According to sources, Warner Bros. will be announcing this […]

Movie fans worldwide have been waiting on this to hit theaters for a long time. “The Dark Knight Rises” will be out July 20th in theaters and IMAX. So check out the trailer and let us know here at if you are going to see this one.

If you’re a fan of comic books, then this is the summer to look forward to. You’ll be marking your calendars down for three big movies that are based from comic books. Next month, mark your calendar for May 4th. “The Avengers”, based off the Marvel comic book, will feature a dream team of super-heroes. […]

In the new series Batwing DC Comics is bringing one of the world’s most popular super heroes to the cradle of civilization. “Batwing #1” will feature the first black character to don the Batman suit. Editor Mike Marts told IGN that this wasn’t a flight of fancy on their part. This is a legitimate story […]