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True definition of true long lasting love! The Obamas took to their social media to share the love for each other in cerebration of their 24th Anniversary.

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We all caught wind of Presidential Candidate Dona’d Trump’s wife Melania Trump speech and it sounded alot like first lady Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention.  Maybe she was inspired by Michelle.  Is copying cool?  Or is originality always the way?


The eldest First Daughter's Spanish must be pretty good. Who could forget her serving as translator for her father in Cuba?

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This is why I love our President! We all have heard the tragic water crisis happening in Flint, Michigan, as did the President who recently donated 80 million dollars to Flint to help their water Crisis.

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Last night was bitter sweet as our President, Barack Obama addressed the Nation at his last State of the Union.  He spoke great points but of course when you’re winning there’s always that one person that wishes you to lose.  Donald Trump had to chime in and give his two cents of shade.

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Actress Angela Bassett recently sat down with Talk show host Arsenio Hall and revealed that during a White House visit, her son Slater yelled at…


President of the United States Barack Obama has said some pretty interesting things. Sometimes, the President has amazing rhetoric. Other times, his rhetoric is overtaken by the hilariously unbelieveable things coming out of his mouth. We have comiled a list of the top 10 things Obama has said that literally made you laugh out loud. […]

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In honor of President Obama’s 51st birthday, check out this gallery of interesting things you probably didn’t know about your Commander and Chief. RELATED LINKS: Which Entertainer Does Michelle Obama Want to Be? Kerry Washington: Volunteer, Because Voting Is Not Enough

(blackmediaSCOOP) President Obama is deploying 100 “combat-equipped” troops to Uganda to help efforts against rebels of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), who Washington accuse of grievous human rights abuses. The US troops, subject to the approval of national authorities, could also deploy from Uganda into South Sudan, the Central African Republic and Democratic Republic of […]


Celebs Reacts To ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Repeal on Twitter Following the Senate’s vote to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Saturday, celebrities like Lady Gaga and Ellen DeGeneres hit the Twitterverse to celebrate.