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Actor Charlie Sheen may have just changed the Ice Bucket Challenge totally! Instead of using ice cold water, he instead poured $10,000 in cash on himself!…


These famous folks all have something in common . . . an imperfection, a defect or deformity. Some noticeable, some not so much. The main…

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Despite the money, fame and success, some celebrities still just don’t get how to be grateful. Here is my list of the top 5 celebrities who, from my observation, have the all time worst attitudes. 1. Lindsay Lohan. This girl seems like she will never own up to her mistakes, and she constantly blames everyone […]

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Did Ashton Kutcher's "Brown Face" Go Too Far With the Brownface?


Demi Moore announced she will be divorcing her husband of 6 years, Ashton Kutcher because of a cheating scandal. In September, a 22-year old woman named Sara Leal claimed she slept with Ashton where he told her he was separated from Demi. Demi stated, “It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I […]

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Photo: Getty Images/AndersonMobileEstates.com In one swift transition, actor and producer Ashton Kutcher has become the richest man to grace our TV screens. with the gargantuan six figures rounding out his paycheck, when we informed you last week of his earnings many started wondering what was next for the actor besides his new role on the […]

If you have any children or young family members of your own, you probably were hit like a ton of bricks with complete pandemonium this weekend as thousands of kids and teens gathered around their household TV screens. Why? What’s the big fuss? Nothing more than the 2011 Teen Choice Awards. The stars (from left: […]


  Valentine’s Day , the Romantic Comedy due out February and stars 98.6% of the working actors in Hollywood, has released the first movie poster artwork and video trailer for the film. Here is the poster which lists all the actor’s who star in the film and quite a bit of info about the film […]