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  • Despite the money, fame and success, some celebrities still just don’t get how to be grateful. Here is my list of the top 5 celebrities who, from my observation, have the all time worst attitudes. 1. Lindsay Lohan. This girl seems like she will never own up to her mistakes, and she constantly blames everyone else for her problems. Does anyone else remember the secret “FU” message on her nails directed toward the judge during of one of her many trials in 2010? Really classy, Lindsay.

    2. Kanye West. Not only have I heard personal stories about this rap star‘s rotten attitude towards others, but he has also been the center of many public scandals due to his arrogance. Recently he hasn’t done much for us to talk about, but due to his track record, there is no doubt in my mind that he could pull another unfavorable move in the future.

    3. Charlie Sheen. He got fired from his role on Two and a Half Men, but after learning that his erratic behavior was holding up production on the set of the show, he still wouldn’t own up to his problematic lifestyle and instead went on a rampage to fight back against the show’s producer, Chuck Lorre. Who is the troll now, Charlie?

    4. Alec Baldwin. Disagree with me if you want, but this Baldwin doesn’t ever come across as grateful for his years of success in the entertainment industry. He even threatened to retire from acting all together in 2009 after he believed he wasn’t getting the roles he deserved.

    5. Eve. This rapper has the most memorable outburst on Ashton Kutcher‘s reality show Punk’d when he pranked her during a fake interview. Even after Kutcher told her it was part of the show, she still wasn’t happy, making it the all-time most awkward segment of the entire show.

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