Wow, Angela Simmons has just announced her engagement but could she now be preggo?!

Guess who just got engaged? Rev. Run’s daughter, Angela Simmons!  She took to her instagram to show off her new bling! But her man is still mystery.  Is the mystery man Yo Gotti?  Did it really go down in the DM?

He got a crush on Angela Simmons! Yo Gotti doesn’t bite his tongue on how much he is feeling Angela Simmons!  He stopped by the “The Real” show to let everyone know whats going down:

So did it really go down in the DMs with Yo Gotti and his crush Angela Simmons? Well she shares how she really feels about Yo Gotti making her his crush.

Actress Angela Bassett recently sat down with Talk show host Arsenio Hall and revealed that during a White House visit, her son Slater yelled at…

  Good Girl Angela Simmons took to her Instagram page to post a picture with her “BFF” Bow Wow. The two has some what of a on again off again relationship. We never really understood what type of relationship they shared. Supposedly bow wow took Angela’s virginity.

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