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6ix9ine continue’s to troll Meek Mill even harder in his new music video for Zaza. Check it out below

Check out the new music video from NLE Choppa as he channels Tupac in his new video.

If you’re a side chick, you know it and you’re okay with that, you have to respect the rules of the game. You can’t player hate from the sideline or interfere with interactions that affect the main. You just have to wait until you’re called in to make an all-star move. This gets tough on […]

Meek Mill Went On Funkmaster Flex Radio Show and Sent Some Shots At The Game, Drake And More In New Freestyle! Check It Out Below.

So FINALLY Beanie Sigel speaks out on getting knocked out by Meek Mills people, and said Meek Mill Is hating on Drake for smashing Nicki Minaj.  

After saying the the beef with him and Meek Mill was over. The Game has still been riding the wave of this beef. Check out the video to his Meek Mill diss. I must say The Game is kind of funny for this!

Prank Gone WRONG!!!!!! We all know Uber Drivers can be a little crazy when it comes to driving. Well check out what Rapper Young MA does when her Uber Driver try’s to prank her but gets a little to crazy.

Some people have no chill! We have all heard about the civil unrest happening in Charlotte,NC over the past week. Well check out this interview from a protestor who tells a white news reporter “White lives do not matter” On Live TV.  

Do you remember Countess Vaughn from the TV show “The Parkers” and also “Moesha”? Well she came out with a music video and lets just say….. Its interesting!!! check it out for your self below.  

Well rapper Lil Uzi Vert look’s like he was ready to knuckle up when he ran across a rapper who has been dissing him for sometime now. Check out the video below.

From now on Tyga should watch what he says around him and Blac Chyna’s 3-year-old Son King Cairo. It looks like he has a potty mouth very early age and keeps saying “b*tch” at school.

Korryn Gaines the women who was fatally shot and killed by police in Baltimore Son speak’s from the hospital bed about what happened to his mother that tragic day.