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If you’re a side chick, you know it and you’re okay with that, you have to respect the rules of the game. You can’t player hate from the sideline or interfere with interactions that affect the main. You just have to wait until you’re called in to make an all-star move. This gets tough on holidays, especially Valentine’s Day where girlfriend no. 2′s are often ejected for the season, but here are a few reminders that’ll help keep you on the roster:

Do not send pictures

No “selfies” or “uses.” He knows what you look like. You don’t need to send pictures of yourself or share pictures of you two. Not through text, not through Facebook, not through Twitter, and especially not through Instagram Direct. DO: Be creative and sub-tweet/post.



Do not contact him first

You can’t nag him about going out or not being sweet and calling first thing in the morning. He’ll reach out with an “all clear” signal when the time is right. If you must reach out, DO: contact him during business hours, minus the lunch hour, through his Google Voice or work phone number. Monikers like, “Yo,” “B,” “son,” help dissociate intimacy.


Do keep it quiet

If you’re lucky enough to go out, tell your people where you’re going for safety reasons, but DON’T: tell everybody the explicit details or recap your time together. As far as the world knows, you guys don’t even know each other.


Don’t catch feelings

It’s all fun and games until somebody catches feelings. You have to know your role and understand you and his position. You can’t expect him drop wifey because you two have a magical connection. That only happens on reality TV. The misses comes before the mistress on Valentine’s Day. DO: Prepare for the next week though. That’s all you, boo!

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