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Ok first let me bring those who aren’t hip to “Occupy Cincy” up to date!

As of October 8, 2011 citizens have been “Occupying” Piatt Park. Occupying can be thought of, in this case, as a group of people gathering in a given place to peacefully protest corporations and government legislation.

Referred to as the 99%, these protestors represent the working middle-class and lower-class while the other 1% represent the wealthy upper-class who are said to be controlling our lives by imposing their will by-way of their pocket books.

To get an idea of some of the things Occupy Cincinnati is protesting against:

  1. Stagnant wages and a decreasing share of our nation’s economic growth for 30 years
  2. Growing unemployment while we watch our jobs being outsourced to create a middle class in other countries
  3. Fraudulent home foreclosures and bailouts of banks that won’t repay us and then raise our fees
  4. Toxic air, poisoned rivers and a food supply riddled with E. ColiListeria and Salmonella
  5. Record floods, devastating droughts and horrific hurricanes caused by industry-induced climate change
  6. No accountability and no prosecution of those who made this mess

Because city Park Rule 21 states that no body is to gather inside of Piatt after dark, police have been arresting people for loitering. As of today, collectively Occupiers have received 216 citations, carrying over $22,618 in fines!


Below is The Message Issued By Occupy Cincy After Friday Morning’s Arrests

We are understandably upset that the city has decided to arrest some of our members.  From the first day we gathered, we have been completely peaceful and as accommodating as we could possibly be.  We have maintained an open and honest dialogue with the Cincinnati Police Department and other city officials throughout our occupation, and have praised their professionalism on many occasions.  Just two days ago, Cincinnati Police Chief James Craig stated, “This is one of the more peaceful groups I’ve had an opportunity to meet with in a protest.”

We are a group of regular Cincinnatians who seek only to voice our political opinion by occupying a public space and discussing what our grievances are with our government.  We aren’t a threat to anyone—we hold signs, we occasionally chant, we have marches, we hold rallies, we talk to each other and the public about our views, and we ask our government to listen to us and respond. And we are happy to share the park with others – it’s their park, too!

Yet for reasons unknown at this time, a decision has been made today to eject us from Piatt Park.  During difficult economic times, our limited city and law enforcement resources are being used for THIS— not to pursue murderers, rapists, large financial institutions who are unlawfully foreclosing on private citizens’ property, or corporations who commit fraud against their customers and the public in the name of bigger profits– but to come after US.  Whether that is a good use of our resources is an issue for voters to decide.

We aren’t hurting anyone, except maybe those who are threatened by our message that the richest 1% of our country are controlling our government and our financial system.  So while we are upset by today’s developments, we’re not the slightest bit surprised.

In spite of the mounting physical, emotional and financial costs, we are not leaving, and we will not stop protesting the co-opting of our government by a privileged few.  We believe the future of our nation and our city is worth it, and we encourage other Cincinnatians to see the truth and join the fight.

Some of Occupy Cincinnati’s members and supporters will have more to say tomorrow morning at 8am on the sidewalk next to Piatt Park.  Please join us then to show your support and make your voice heard!



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