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New Skinny Girl Anthem? “Get It Lil Booty” Hot or Not?

Ok, so I just got this track in my inbox today called “Get It Lil Bootty” by Hot Stylez group member, Ball McFly.  You know, Hot Stylez? The Midwest Rap trio from Chicago.  They had the hit single “Lookin’ Boy” featuring Yung Joc roastin’ everybody! Yeah, see…NOW you remember! =)

Now I took a listen to the track, and I’d have to say it gave me a chuckle.  Its not too often hip hop rappers give accolades to skinny chicks with no cushion or curves.  I guess its a first for everything.

It definitely has a beat that would rock with the current hood and snap joints.  Other than skinny girls being represented throughout the track, it pretty much sounds the same like everything else thats out.

Thats just just my 10 cents, but you have to show love to the slim chicks as well so I’d rock it in the club.

My question is, would you dance to it if I did?

Listen here:

What do you think?  Is it HOT or NOT?

Let me know!

Feel free to comment below.

-DJ Dimepiece

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