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Who knew after all these years Bill Cosby still had a potty mouth? Remember back in 2009 Bill Cosby issued a State of Emergency address. Which many thought he was airing our dirty laundry  and Russ criticized him publicly. Both millionaire’s bumped into one another while at the Jackie Robinson Awards dinner. Russ sought out the Cos to give him a sincere apology for his recent rants. Believe it or not the feud has been going on for 2yrs. It was time for a truce! It didn’t take him long to locate our favorite TV dad inside the Waldorf Astoria hotel and express himself man to man. But too bad Bill wasn’t feeling him- at all. Not only did he reject his apology according to Russell he told him to “Get the F&*$ out of my face!” Apparently ill will feelings continued to brew because later on during the event Bill bumped Russ after he presented the award to Sean Diddy Combs.

If you want to see Simmons original post about their confrontation its no where to be found. It has since been removed from Globalgrind.com.

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