Local police have the authority to continue to surveil the St. Louis area for at least another night.

Protestors including Johnetta Elzie, DeRay Mckesson and Cornel West have been arrested.

At any moment now, we can expect the verdict to come down in the case of Michael Brown. Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has put the state in ‘State of Emergency’ mode citing that there is the possibility of “unrest”. The Grand Jury is trying to decide whether or not to indict officer, Darren Wilson, who […]

Who knew after all these years Bill Cosby still had a potty mouth? Remember back in 2009 Bill Cosby issued a State of Emergency address. Which many thought he was airing our dirty laundry  and Russ criticized him publicly. Both millionaire’s bumped into one another while at the Jackie Robinson Awards dinner. Russ sought out […]

More news and updates have been unveiled this afternoon as reports that the Jamaican Prime Minister Bruce Goldin has denounced the unrest in the capital city of Kingston and apparently has called it a mere “calculated assault on the authority of the state.” More of the fierce fighting between Jamaican security forces and gunmen attempting […]