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“Good Girl Gone Bad” Rihanna was forced to upload her latest music video to her Official Fan Website this week after YouTube deemed the footage inappropriate for viewers under 18.

In the video promo for her electronic single “S&M,” the island native, dressed in pale pink latex bra and knickers designed by William Wilde, slaps duct tape onto the mouth of a woman who appears to be a security guard and kisses her on the lips. She also whips a man who is tied up and lying defenselessly on a mattress. A certain celebrity gossip blogger even makes a cameo, getting some lashes as he crawls across a lawn pretending to be a dog while Rihanna holds his leash.

Those scenes, coupled with RiRi’s flesh-flashing attire of a dress emblazoned with headlines, prompted YouTube to censor the video and flag it with the following message: “This content may contain material flagged by YouTube’s user community that may be inappropriate for some users.”

Users must sign up to the website and confirm their age to watch the video on YouTube.

Rihanna responded to the furor with a message on her Twitter page, posting: “They watched Umbrella… I was full nude.”

To ensure her fans can get a glimpse of the promo, the singer has posted an unrestricted version of “S&M” on her website, RihannaNow.com.

“U can now view the S&M video on http://www.Rihannanow.com UNFLAGGED!!!”

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