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City Budget– lay offs looming for city officials. Budget cuts will leave firefighters and police out of a job. Not to mention more pools will close. How will our children and adults learn to swim or save a life?

Dohoney’s proposal also recommends:

• Keeping all 26 fire stations open, but closing down some companies. Marc Monahan, president of the International Association of Fire Fighters Local 48, said the plan would be “right at the edge” of shutting down entire firehouses. By “company,” the department means one fire engine or fire truck.

• Reducing income tax reciprocity to 50 percent with other municipalities that have income taxes. That would mean some people who live in Cincinnati and work in other cities that also have income taxes, such as Blue Ash, would pay more to Cincinnati than they do now. That would raise $3.2 million a year.

• The “Pay to Throw” trash fee could lessen in the future for households that throw away less and recycle more.

• Cutting free movies and concerts now offered by the parks department, reducing funding for the regional and African-American chambers of commerce, eliminating funding for the Cincinnati poison control center, and asking Cincinnati Public Schools to pay for school nurses. If the schools can’t help, the document says the program will be “severely reduced.”

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Reggie Kelly– #82 Tight End for the Cincinnati Bengal’s. He’s not just a football player he’s also an author. Look out for “Prepared Body, Mind, and Spirit”- to reach your limitless potential. The release date 12/15/10. Bengal’s take on the Saints today a t 1o’clock inside Paul Brown Stadium. Who Dey!!!   

Autograph Signings:

> December 22-Cadillac Ranch at 6pm

> December 28-Bengal Pro Shop at 12-1

> December 28-Family Christian Store, Florence, KY(5-7)

> January 7-Borders, Crestview Towne Center(6-8)

> January 8-Joseph-Beth, Rookwood(1-3)

Mr. Kelly gave some very valid points this morning regarding the game and more. He also made it clear there is life outside of football. Will you purchase his book?

Jade West “Always on a Musical Quest”

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