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 Four Loko


The new craze on campus is a drink called Four Loko. The government and FDA are seeking to ban this product.


Four Loko is an alcoholic-energy drink that comes in a number of different flavors that hide the taste of alcohol. Four Loko is sold in a 23.5 oz can, made up of caffeine, sugar and alcohol.


Drinking one Four Loko is equivalent to approximately five standard drinks, and the amount of caffeine is equal to five to six cans of Coca-Cola. In one Four Loko is approximately 600-800 calories.

In other words its seems to be the new phenomenon on college campus’ and its just not safe. This particular energy drink is currently under investigation after nine freshmen from the Central Washington University wound up ill after drinking it at an off-campus party and nearly died.

Does the government have the right to tell us what to drink?




Cincinnati Bengal’s

Our Thanksgiving Day surprise was another loss. Bengal’s took on the New York Jets and lost (again)! The final score was a sad 10/26. We are now 2-9.

What’s next for our team?







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