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Khloe Kardashian has publicly called Perez Hilton for bullying her online.

Hilton advocates for gay rights and, in light of the recent string of gay bullying incidents, asked several celebrities to make videos encouraging gay youth that “It Gets Better.” (LaLa and Ciara even made one together.)

Hilton asked Khloe Kardashian to do the same, which seemed severely hypocritical considering he has used his website to bully her.

As Khloe addresses in her video, Perez has compared her to her sisters and called her a “tranny.”

Perez Hilton recently appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show and announced that the gay bullying incidents have inspired him to change the direction of his website – it will be more uplifting and less bent on making a mockery of celebrities.

Watch Khloe’s video below. Props to her for taking the high road; she put her issues aside for the better of others.

After viewing the video himself, Perez Hilton wrote on his site:

“This wasn’t easy to watch, but – thankfully – we’ve had a chance to speak to her about this in person and off-camera.

This is yet another reason why we felt COMPELLED to make a change on our website and do things differently!

Love is louder! It really does get better!”

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