gay rights

While on his much-talked about visit to Kenya, Obama discusses gay rights - a generally ignored topic among Kenyans.

Michael Sam who is about to be drafted into the NFL will be launching his own line of merchandise. He is the first open gay man to play in the NFL. His merchandise is now for sale on his website. Sam is selling t-shirts and buttons with slogans like “Stand With Sam” and “#SamStrong.”  A few of […]

Like many Americans, “Good Morning America” anchor Robin Roberts is using the close of the year to reflect and count her blessings. One year after…

Its was somewhat dreary Sunday morning. But everyone showed up at Sawyer Point prepared to walk for the cause. Many brought their dogs, babies in strollers, and walking teams with umbrellas on reserve. I too was on a quest and ready to strut! But prior to walking I captured all of the fun on camera […]

After a gay and lesbian group started a petition for Sesame Street to have popular characters, Ernie and Bert, to come out as homosexuals, and publicly marry, Sesame Street has denied their request and announced that Ernie and Bert are not homosexual by making a statement on their Facebook page. Bert and Ernie are best […]

Less than a week after New York state legalized same-sex marriage, Rhode Island voted in favor of a bill to permit civil unions between gay and lesbian couples. If signed, the state will become the fifth state in the country to permit civil unions. The measure, which was voted in the senate 21-16, is said […]

Khloe Kardashian has publicly called Perez Hilton for bullying her online. Hilton advocates for gay rights and, in light of the recent string of gay bullying incidents, asked several celebrities to make videos encouraging gay youth that “It Gets Better.” (LaLa and Ciara even made one together.) Hilton asked Khloe Kardashian to do the same, […]

As gay pride weekend is set to lunch July 2nd-4th, in the city of Cincinnati, it’s hard to imagine that ignorance and lack of tolerance still run rampant throughout some parts of the country. For gay teens Constance McMillen and Ceara Sturgis, high school has ended. However, acceptance of their sexuality in small town Itawamba, […]