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I’m actually timid when it comes to being overtly sexy, which is weird because in the beginning people thought of me like some freakin’ porn star. Guys reference sex all the time in their raps—I can’t even think of a record where Wayne doesn’t talk about sex—but when a female does it, people start tuning out. Then this gay dude the other day told me, “I say to dudes, ‘Maybe it’s time to put this pussy on your sideburns.’” I was crying laughing and I was like, “I can’t take this shit out of my act.” People live for that shit. [Laughs.] I just have to balance it a little bit.

Nicki On Drake:

Young Money first lady, Nicki Minaj is covering the October/November issue of Complex magazine.

In it, the rap diva discusses her relationship with Drake and Lil Wayne and talks about how she found out about Drizzy’s ‘marriage’ line on “Miss Me.”

“He told me he said something about me on a verse, but I didn’t think it would be anything like that. He let me hear it for the first time when we did Jay’s show at Madison Square Garden, the day before Wayne had to go to jail—that night he let me hear it on the headphones.”

Nicki also reveals that one of this year’s biggest R&B songs was actually written for her, telling the mag,

“You know what else [Drake] told me he wrote for me? The Alicia Keys song “I’m Ready.” I happen to love the song. I never told anyone that, I hope he won’t get mad that I said that.”

Minaj also touches on her relationship with her Young Money brethren and their playful ways with the media, saying,

“You have no idea how much I love them. We joke around. That’s the thing about Young Money, we will say a lot of crazy sh*t in the press but we will get around each other and start cracking up laughing like brothers and sisters. Drake is a playboy. He probably told mad *itches he wrote them songs for ‘em.”


Nick Minaj’s debut LP Pink Friday is set to drop November 23.

Check out Nicki’s Complex cover below.

As recently reported the alternate cover story to the October/November issue of Complex features Kid Cudi, where he discusses his beef with Wale, cocaine use and his new daughter.


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